Blessed and Funked
Brew Date: April 7, 2012
Tap Date: January 1, 2014
Yield: 10 gallons
Color (SRM/EBC):
Bitterness (Calc): 32.3 IBU (Rager)
BU/GU: 0.34
Calories: 308 (12 ounces)
Conditioning: Keg
ABV: 10.3%
ABW: 8%
Batch No: 06-2012
OG: 1.094
OG (Plato): 22.44° P
Target OG: 1.094
FG: 1.017
FG (Plato): 4.33° P
Target FG: 1.018
Real Extract: 7.6° P
App. Atten.: 80.7%
Real Atten.: 66.1%
General Information
Method: All Grain

Turning lemons into lemonade...

The resulting beer after five months is distinctly tart; similar to The Devil You Know. Shit.

OK. So to make this a better thing - I'm going to rack the beer into a large fermenter, pitch some Brett B into it, add a couple French Oak spirals, and give it a year. Perhaps it'll blend well with the last batch of Blessed (probably should call it "Cursed" from now on) that I decided to sour. 

Might be good fodder for raspberries.

Scale Recipe
Enter desired final yield (volume):
Malts and Grains
22.00 pounds 69.6% of grist
6.00 pounds 19% of grist
2.00 pounds 6.3% of grist
0.50 pounds 1.6% of grist
0.50 pounds 1.6% of grist
0.50 pounds 1.6% of grist
0.13 pounds 0.4% of grist
31.63 pounds 100% of grist
1.00 pounds Candi Sugar, Dark  
1.00 pounds Candi Sugar, Amber  
Total Boil Time: 90 minutes
Name: Abbey Ale
Manufacturer: White Labs
Product ID: WLP530
Type: Ale
Flocculation: Medium
Attenuation: 75%
Temperature Range: 66–72°F
Amount: 2000 ml
Equipment Profile

Converted Keg, 10 Gallon/38 Liter Cooler Mash Tun

Batch Size: 10.00 gallons Boil Volume: 12.00 gallons
Evaporation Rate: 9.00% per hour Mash Tun Dead Space: 0.80 gallons
Efficiency: 72% Mash Tun Weight: 9.00 pounds
Hop Utilization: 100% Mash Tun Volume: 10.00 gallons
Loss: 1.00 gallons Mash Tun Specific Heat: 0.30 Cal/gram per °C

Converted 15.5 gallon/59 liter keg boil kettle for full boil with a 10 gallon/38 liter cooler as a mash/lauter tun.

Mash Profile

Single Infusion Mash, Light Bodied Beer, No Mash Out

Grain Temperature: 72°F Tun Temperature: 72°F
Sparge Temperature: 168°F PH: 5.4
PPG: 27.5 Efficiency: 82.6%

Mash profile for most well-modified malts.


# Name Type Time Temp. Description
1 Mash In Infusion 75 min. 150°F

Add 100% of mash water at 162° F / 72° C

Water Profile

Denver, Colorado

Calicum: 31.5 ppm
Bicarbonate: 104 ppm
Sulfate: 50.8 ppm
Chloride: 23.5 ppm
Sodium: 21.4 ppm
Magnesium: 8.5 ppm
PH: 7.8%

Single infusion mash at 150° F for 60 minutes.

Ferment at 72° F.

Once primary fermentation begins to slow, optionally make a syrup with the sucrose and a bit of water, boil, cool, and add to fermenter.

Special Procedures

Use 1 lb. dark liquid candi sugar to impart more dark fruit, molasses, and intense caramel flavors.

Use 1 lb. amber liquid candi sugar to balance the burnt-caramel flavors of the dark.

Adjust water by adding 5 grams calcium chloride in both the mash and sparge water additions. This will up the chloride amounts to bring down the mash PH to into the 5.6 range and to enhance maltiness in the finished beer. Amounts based upon 10 gallons each of mash and sparge water.

Primary: 21 days @ 72° F
Age: 240 days @ 60° F
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Bottle Label
Awards & Competitions
Entry Name: Blessed and Funked
Competition: Peterson AFB
Date: Feb 9, 2013
Style: Belgian Specialty Ale
Place: 3rd (Bronze)
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